Available in the United States, Marodyne Low intensity Vibration (LiV) Device


Marodyne Low intensity Vibration (LiV)


Low intensity vibration is a biomechanical therapy concept. The Marodyne devices utilize a safe, patent pending, and scientifically-established technology that  gently and naturally improves muscle strengthi, functionii and circulationiii. The science behind the technology is the product of over 25 years of basic and clinical research, funded by bodies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and other funding agencies around the world.

There is a small therapeutic window, around 0.4g acceleration where mechanical signals are effective without putting you at risk. Accelerations in excess of 1.0g may be risky to the tissues and organs in the humaniv. Particularly in frailer and infirm people. The delivered signal has to be just right: too little or too much stimulus are both equally ineffective as therapies.

Maximum therapeutic benefit will occur when the Marodyne device is used as recommended by your physician or other health provider; most typically for 10 minutes daily.

Simply stand on the device while you are reading, watching television or just enjoying quiet time. Proper diet, hydration, regular exercise and nutritional supplements of calcium and vitamin D are strongly recommended as a complete therapeutic regimen for musculoskeletal health.

Be sure to consult your health care practitioner for the appropriateness of the Marodyne LiV device for your use.

Marodyne on the News


Clinton Rubin, PhD. Is SUNY Distinguished Professor and Chief Scientific Officer of BTT-Health GmbH, who has spent his scientific career trying to under- stand how mechanical signals influence the body. One of his key findings has been that extremely low magnitude mechanical signals, delivered in the form of Low-intensity Vibration (LiV), have the capacity to dictate the regeneration patterns of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) found within the body to stimulate musculoskeletal tissues and suppress the formation of fatv.
His team have discovered, that Low-intensity Vibration promotes the building of lean muscle mass and the conditioning of muscle reflexes. It is the goal of all biomedical scientists to see the work that we do in the laboratory translate to the clinic, to help the health and well-being of patients.


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Who we are

With 20-years experience in this technology field, Copa Healthcare based in Florida, is now the distributor for the Marodyne LiV Device in the United States.


For information in availability of Marodyne LIV device outside the United States, please go to: www.marodyne.com

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