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Musculoskeletal Health!

Available in the U.S., Marodyne LiV device

Available in the United States, Marodyne Low intensity Vibration (LiV) Device

Marodyne LiV is a low-intensity vibration device that utilizes a safe, patent-pending, and scientifically-established technology that gently and naturally improves muscle strength¹, function², and circulation³. The science behind the technology is the product of over 30 years of basic and clinical research, funded by bodies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and other funding agencies around the world.

In conjunction with your physician or other health providers prescription, conditions like muscle mass redevelopment, restore motion joints, find an adjunct treatment for obesity, relieve minor aches and pains, or deal with a temporary and local increase in circulation, can safely be overcome by utilizing Marodyne LiV for 10 minutes a day.

Have you ever thought about Bone and Muscle Health?

Marodyne LiV (low-intensity vibration) has shown positive results towards bone health, and also preventing disorders that lead to bone weaknesses. Together with a lifestyle change, you can stimulate bone mass growth and muscles to react and build itself up. By addressing osteoporosis and muscle weakness, Marodyne LiV can also assist in fall prevention.

Specially built to target groups.

Marodyne has no contraindications and delivers a gentle motion and is easy to use, making it accessible to everyone able to stand with their feet resting on the plate including: children, the elderly, de-conditioned and recuperating individuals and disabled people.

Safe Use at Home

Marodyne LiV enhances bone and muscle strength in the safety of your house. Its Low-Intensity Vibrations helps all of those who are suffering from osteoporosis, are recovering from injury or surgery or have balance and mobility problems. It only requires 10 minutes a day to stimulate your body’s cells to reform bone and muscle tissue and help restore postural control and motion to your joints.

Health care

Thanks to its 'smart' technology, Marodyne LiV adjusts itself to provide 30 contractions per second optimal-cycles, according to each patient's weight, mass, movement, and balance. On top of that, its microprocessor also controls sound waves that output 0.4g acceleration to any user, boosting the benefits given by chiropractic therapies, occupational health, orthopedic surgeries, osteopathy, podiatric, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation.

Create a healthier Workplace

On average, office employees spend 6.5 hours in front of their computers – sitting. Because of that, they are exposed to health risks in the long run, such as back pain, herniated disc, osteoporosis, diabetes, weight gain, and high blood pressure. Marodyne LiV, through its low-intensity vibrations, offers many possibilities to combat all of these conditions, promoting blood circulation and bone or muscle growth, even in small places.

Marodyne Liv on the News

Clinton Rubin, Ph.D. is SUNY Distinguished Professor and Chief Scientific Officer of BTT-Health GmbH, who has spent his scientific career trying to understand how mechanical signals influence the body.

Indications of Use

Stimulates bone formation and resorption
Achieving higher bone mineral density
Building muscle strength & muscle mass in the legs
Maintain & increase bone loss in children
Stimulates blood circulation
Improve balance & coordination

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With 30-years experience in the Health Technology field, COPA Healthcare based in Florida, is now the distributor for the Marodyne LiV Device in the United States.

For information in availability of Marodyne LiV device outside the United States, please go to: www.marodyne.com

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² Muir J, Judex S, Qin YX, Rubin CT, Postural instability caused by extended bed rest is alleviated by brief daily exposure to low magnitude mechanical signals, Gait & Posture 33 (2011) 429-435
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