About Us

Who We Are

With 30 Years of experience in the health technology field, COPA Healthcare provides a selection of innovative and technologically proven products that help you live your life to the full. We are committed to excellent service and support for our customers.

A Few Words About

Our Team

More than thirty years of experience in the medical technology industry, around the world, working in multinational companies, such as Smith & Nephew, and Johnson & Johnson. More recently in small technology companies. 

COPA Healthcare was formed to supply innovative products to both the professional and individual consumers, and to provide the ongoing backup and support required.

Ian Cutts
Commercial Leadership

An engineer by education, I had the opportunity to develop my career in the commercial, financial, and technical support areas inside multinational companies in the US and abroad, focusing on the medical industry in both the diagnostic and treatment of conditions.

Given this background, and driven by the desire to bring better perspectives of life to our customers, we put together the COPA Healthcare team as a way to make this goal a reality to many others.

Saulo Waisenberg
Operational Leadership